The Best Workout For Your Back

The Best Workout For Your Back

A strong back is at the base of having a strong body. In order to get a strong back then there’s one secret workout that’s been around for ages. This exercise has proven time and time again to build a stronger back, glutes and hamstrings. Powered Living will be going over the best workout for your back.

Deadlifts Are The Best Back Workout

The best workout for your back is called the deadlift. This exercise is a very hard exercise to perform but it is the most rewarding workout for the back. It also helps most athletes trying to excel in their sport. The deadlift involves your shoulders, traps, forearms, hamstrings, core, glutes and the entire upper back and lower back. This compound movement has been around for hundreds of years. Although the deadlift is popular among powerlifting and bodybuilding styles of training it is still an important movement many should do. There are many benefits to doing deadlifts. Some physical therapists even include deadlifts for elderly people.

Compound Movement Exercise

When performing the deadlift you are involving almost all muscle groups. It starts off by loading a barbell with appropriate weight on each side. Then, you make sure that the barbell is straight and even. After that, you walk up leaving a few inches separating the barbell and your shins. Your feet stance and grip stance should be a comfortable position. Next, you take a deep breath with your diaphragm and bend down to grip the bar. Make sure that your back is straight and that you’re not bending all the way down. Once you grip the bar firmly you pull the weight up. Using your legs to drive up the bar but using your back to lockout the movement. A stronger body and muscles can also mean a faster recovery for the next workout.

Increases Health & Performance

Strength training workouts like the deadlift have been proven to help increase bone density. Any sort of strength exercise that puts bones under stress slows down bone loss and can actually form stronger bones. Your body naturally decreases its bone density as you get older. When the body is middle-aged then it can’t form new bone cells as fast as it’s absorbing existing ones. This is why many medical professionals take into account one’s bone density as they get older. One way to combat low bone density is to do deadlift exercises. This is why the deadlift is the best workout for your back.

On a performance level, the deadlift can increase your jump height. This is extremely important for any athlete that wants to excel in their sport. The reason behind this is that the deadlift targets your back, glutes and hamstrings. In order to properly lockout this exercise, you must drive and explode up. In hindsight, this vertical workout helps to jump, which is another vertical exercise. This type of energy has been proven to transfer over to increase jump height.

Activates The Back, Hamstrings & Glutes

There are many health benefits to doing the deadlift besides bone density benefits. The deadlift can increase size, strength and mass for your back, hamstring and glutes. This back exercise involves the shoulders, traps, forearms, hamstrings, core, glutes and the upper back and lower back. Each muscle group works in tandem to perform this exercise to strengthen the body. A stronger muscle means an overall stronger body, which in turn means less risk of injury. Doing deadlifts with appropriate weight can treat lower back pain. Combining this exercise with the help of TENS/EMS devices can help overcome back pain.