Should You Try TENS/EMS

Should You Try TENS/EMS

For those suffering from chronic pain and who are looking for relief, there is a way out! Should you try TENS/EMS to get the relief you need? The answer is yes! TENS/EMS can work wonders for those suffering from any sort of chronic pain.

How TENS/EMS Works

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It works by attaching electrical nodes to an affected area and then it sends stimulation to the nerves. As a result, the body releases endorphins, which is a natural painkiller the body produces. EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, which also works like TENS. An attached node sends electrical signals to a muscle to release endorphins. Both of these natural therapies are widely supported by medical professionals since the 1960s. The good thing about these therapies is that they can replace traditional remedies like pain killers and other prescription drugs. TENS/EMS is a good way for anyone looking for beginner and alternative ways to treat pain.

Benefits Of Trying TENS/EMS

On all things on why should you try TENS/EMS is that it can bring many benefits. By introducing a natural pain reliever to the body it can help the body recover faster. When endorphins are released into the body they can jump-start your muscles. By allowing your muscles to move you’re also rejuvenating damaged areas of the muscle. These new entry points bring oxygen and nutrients to repair the body. Essentially what’s happening is that you’re preventing the body from sending pain messages to the brain through TENS/EMS. Again, this is an alternative to prescription drugs that can be very costly if you don’t have insurance.

Helps With Your Workout

Wanting to live an active lifestyle means you’re going to need the recovery to power every workout. Soreness and joint pain can prevent gains, so consider the natural therapy of TENS/EMS. Some products from Powered Living are easy and portable. By adding a few therapy sessions a week then your body will recover from your workout faster. A quicker workout recovery means you’re back at the gym able to hit more weight, reps and sets. All of these will only bring better results in the gym! TENS/EMS can help with short-term pain from workouts and chronic pain.


There are multiple types of TENS/EMS units on the market. Every unit has a function and is specified to which part of the body is in pain. The best way to go about diagnosing it is by seeing a doctor and getting a recommendation. There are TENS/EMS units for your arms, legs, back and shoulders. The MultiStim Lite provides 6 TENS settings for pain relief. It also gives 6 EMS settings for muscle recovery and enhancement. Different types of units offer a different number of nodes and therapy options. There are also wired and wireless types of TENS/EMS units. It all just depends on your budget as every option varies.

Shop TENS/EMS From Powered Living

When it comes to TENS/EMS units then consider products by Powered Living. We have the best products to help with any chronic or sports injury. Each product ranges with options of therapy and the number of nodes. Best of all, everything is either wired or wireless to be portable for anyone on the go.

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