Benefits Of TENS/EMS

Benefits Of TENS/EMS

Many Americans are dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis. There’s a lot of options to treat chronic pain. However, some may be invasive or very costly to maintain. TENS/EMS is a type of therapy that may help treat chronic pain. We’ll be breaking down the benefits of TENS/EMS.


TENS is short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation. These two types of therapy work together to help with chronic pain. It works by attaching electrical nodes to an area on the body needing relief. The nodes then work with a stimulator to send electrical impulses.

When the body receives these electrical impulses then it releases endorphins. This chemical is the body’s natural pain killer and is associated with happiness. TENS/EMS is a natural treatment that may help with chronic pain. This is one of the many benefits of TENS/EMS. Many may use this therapy to naturally treat their chronic pain rather than using a prescription drug.

Helps Pain Management

Chronic pain is a heavy thing to deal with on a daily basis. It prevents anyone from living their life to the fullest and prevents people from doing everyday activities. One way to help with chronic pain is to use TENS/EMS therapy. This is a natural pain-relieving treatment that helps with chronic pain.

When the body has endorphins then pain levels may decrease as a result. TENS/EMS helps the body regain its control and allows the person to live a normal life. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain killer. Typically, endorphins are released through certain activities like working out or eating. This is why many people feel different after a workout or eating a good meal.

Benefits Sleep

One of the many benefits of TENS/EMS therapy is that it may help with sleep. When a TENS/EMS stimulator device is attached to the body then it releases endorphins. When the body isn’t in pain then it can fully rest and focus on catching sleep. TENS/EMS is a non-invasive form of therapy, so it can be done whenever and where ever.

Some may experience pain before bedtime or during sleep. So, using a device that can help with pain management may help with sleep. When the body is resting then it can fully activate its recovery system. During deep sleep is when the body addresses any health issues and repairs itself.

Perfect For Workouts

TENS/EMS can help with workouts, which is one of the many benefits of TENS/EMS. The body reacts to physical activity, so some people may get pain as a result of the stress. TENS/EMS releases endorphins that may help with pain management. By limiting the amount of pain then the body can focus on the workout.

Putting the body under the right amount of stress during workouts can be beneficial. Exercise can lead to weight management, lower blood pressure and other health benefits. TENS/EMS is a mobile type of therapy that can be attached to the body during workouts. By allowing the body to exercise then it’s able to push itself within its limits.